Owners Representation Services

         for Direct and Indirect Capital Costs

CREA's Owners Rep Services is unique because it manages the entire capital budget, including both direct and indirect costs.  This is total approved capital expenditure for all elements of the project.  The cross- disciplined expertise of its team members, allows CREA to provide the Owner/User with a single source from which an entire project can be coordinated. Our services include:

             Total Capital Budget Management (direct and indirect costs)

             Program Management

             Assessing Development Plan Potential

             Strategic Land and Master Planning

             Acquisition Structuring

             Governmental Approvals

             Recommending Space Allocations and Adjacencies

             Preliminary Space Planning

             Developing Plans and Specifications

             Providing estimates, budgets, and schedules

             Coordinating Bid Process from Architects and Contractors

             Monitoring Contractors and Construction Progress

             Monitoring Change Order Requests

             Performing Inspections

             Gathering warranties

             Providing Move-In Coordination


The advantages of the single source approach include:  


First, CREA is able to control costs more efficiently. Besides the bricks and sticks, CREA can also oversees the entire development budget including soft cost management - such as the costs of architects, engineers, other consultants, permits and approvals, and insurance.  The indirect costs often can represent about twenty-five percent of the total project cost.

The second advantage of the single source approach is that the Owners Rep team is free of conflicts of interest.  Because the CREA team is unrelated to the professionals it manages, decisions are made solely to benefit the project and the client.  The team is anxious to assume the responsibility of coordination and control over the professionals, acting as a middleman for the inevitable disputes that arise in the construction process.  The CREA Team has extensive background in dealing with these disputes including:

·       balancing form vs. function,

·       cost versus aesthetics,

·       design vs. construction constraints

·       time versus money


Tremendous value is added due to the breadth of experience of the firm, which crosses many real estate disciplines. CREA's professionals have extensive experience in development, finance, construction management, engineering, property management and financial reporting.  Members of the team have consulted on over a billion dollars of projects in recent years. Property types include:


  • Mixed Use

  • Multi-family

  • Office Buildings

  • Retail

  • Parking Garages

  • Corporate Campus

  • Operations/Call Centers

  • Warehousing


Design & Construction Management

     Multi-disciplined staff

     Sophisticated Experience


     Affordable Accelerated Solutions




 Strategy * Incentives * Land Planning * Government Approvals *      Design * Renovation * New Construction * Financing



“CREA managed our total capital budget including not only the hard costs but also the miscellaneous soft costs. They helped us streamline the entire building process and saved us a ton of time and money.”

---M. Wank, Pres. Summa Industries


  • Light Industrial

  • Country Clubs

  • Adaptive Re-use

  • Senior Housing

  • Medical Offices

  • Outpatient Centers

  • Environmental Cleanup

  • Renovations

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